If you want an unbeatable ranking position for your website with media buzz featuring your brand, read on to learn more about
AS SEEN IN SEO and our services.


“AS SEEN IN SEO” will enable your business to get featured in top news outlets through our team’s customized SEO services. SEO stands for search engine optimization. Our proactive SEO service will enable your website to achieve a higher search engine ranking, contributing to more website visitors and increased business. We write articles, create press releases and generate news about your business across several media platforms. We will also create an “AS SEEN IN” banner for your website’s landing page to help build your brand identity press release format. Our SEO service is available monthly, quarterly, or annually. We work continuously to improve your website’s search results. Unlike most other SEO companies, we also provide public relations and media services at no additional cost.


If you want an unbeatable ranking position for your website with media buzz featuring your brand, read on to learn more about
and our services.


The services we provide include but are not limited to the following:


Our monthly SEO plan will ensure that you maintain a high search engine result ranking. You will get SEO content creation that uses latent synthetic indexing, the process utilized by search engines to rank websites. We ensure the use of the most effective keywords for your content.  We also regularly monitor the keywords used and modify them as needed. Also, we will create content for news and setup backlinks that will direct traffic to your website. The ‘as seen in’ banner will have new logos added to your website as you gain more media exposure.  This monthly SEO plan results in increased website viewers and revenue for your business. 


You will get a customized SEO plan based on the needs of your business. We will carry out full-fledged competitor analysis and check your current performance and issues on search engine results to identify improvements. Next, we create an SEO plan to improve your online visibility and increase web traffic, resulting in increased revenue. We offer custom SEO service on an hourly, monthly, or quarterly basis. Our all in one service of creating news content and SEO services for your website.
The number of ‘as seen in’ media icons increases as you get continued media exposure.


We engage the services of popular media publications to broadcast your press.
AS SEEN IN SEO is your one stop shop for press services. We collaborate with the client to incorporate your ideas and concepts, creating compelling blogs, news articles, and press releases. We distribute our press featuring your company to be published by top media platforms. SEO and press distribution is our forte. AS SEEN IN SEO is unique because we introduce SEO keywords that enable press featuring your company to be picked up by search engines. Our experience and skill set will elevate your business to a whole new level.


We enhance your website speed to reduce bounce rate so you won’t miss potential customers. Web speed is important because the faster the speed of your website, the higher the retention rate. Fast web speed means people will spend more time on your website and be encouraged to buy your product or service.

As part of our service, the ‘AS SEEN IN’ banner from media mentions will be placed at a strategic position on your website and will be seen by every visitor. As media sources are added,  we will include their logos in  your ‘AS SEEN IN’ banner.


Our custom On-page and Off-page SEO services will strategically place your website in a high ranking position in Google and other search engines. For On-Page SEO, your website and its content will be properly checked and modified where necessary for compliance to the latest SEO standard. On-page and Off-page SEO helps increase your website’s traffic, which leads to more revenue.

Our Off-page SEO takes care of every task outside your website to further enhance the search engine ranking of your business. Off-page SEO improves the way the search engine displays your site. We provide off- page SEO with the help of the media buzz created from news articles. This allows you to use an ‘AS SEEN IN’ banner on your website improving both SEO and brand credibility.


Our keyword research service involves finding the keywords your customers are searching for, as well as keywords used by your competitors. We create a list of recommended keywords that we we will send to you for approval. 

Finding the right keyword for your website and business will enable your website to stand out from your competitors and be favorably placed on Google search.


Feel free to get in touch with us to discuss your organization’s social media and publicity needs so that we can propose a custom SEO plan to help boost your business. Our hourly rate for SEO work is $99. We will discuss with you and agree on the specifics of your project before we take action. Our free consultation is available for this service so that we can understand and confirm your needs. 

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